Hi Customers,

My name is Patrick and you have clicked on this section so that you can get guarantees of how safe and secure is it for you to buy on my site.

You can view my testimonials and understand that I have a gold standard reputation. I also have 100% customer satisfaction ratings and you can also see what customers said about their experience of doing business with me.

 I say me because this business is very much a personal business. I buy the antiques, I describe them and photograph them and video them. I package them carefully and I ship everything by registered signed for mail or by Fedex if that is your preference.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, I have a no quibble return policy with full refund for undamaged items returned.

When you complete the checkout, you do so by logging into Paypal and then you are in the Paypal secure system. None of your financial information is recorded on this website. 

I provide various options for you to be able to contact me instantly if you have a question. Click on the support flag on the left of your screen or consult the contact information at the bottom of the screen or click on Easy to Contact heading on the drop down menu under Guarantees.

There are nine individual sections under Guarantees that I believe are important in making you feel safe and secure shopping with me. Take time to read each and ask me any questions that I may not have covered.

It is only by delivering on all of these guarantees to you that we can achieve our Golden Goal of Zero Complaints.

I hope you enjoy safe secure and peace of mind shopping with me at Partner Antiques. 


Thank You 


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