Insured Shipping

Even with world class packaging, a shipper can drive a fork lift truck over a bag of packages. It is not our fault or yours but it has to be dealt with professionally and amiably.

Please read this carefully.

Damage claims can only be made on items shipped with insurance.

Partner Antiques requires that all shipments be insured unless the buyer declines using the Decline Insurance option during the checkout process.

If a buyer requests that an item not be shipped insured, using the Decline Insurance option at Checkout, Partner Antiques is then not responsible for loss or damage to that item in shipping.

To begin the process, please contact Partner Antiques and alert them to the damage. Send appropriate photographs of damaged item and the damaged packaging.

Be sure to retain all original packaging as well as all pieces of the damaged item, as the shipping agent and insurer will request to examine them.

Please note you must refuse delivery if a package or parcel is damaged when it is presented for delivery. Our advice is that under no circumstances sign for a package or parcel if it is obviously damaged. It will prevent you making a claim as the shipper can claim it must have been OK if you signed for it.

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