Is it necessary to register at Partner Antiques?

No it is not necessary but The Big Benefit on my site is you get exclusive Early Bird Prices and Discount Offers. You will always, as a client of Partner Antiques, receive our New Arrival email before these items are listed in our shop.

Registering does Save Time when you shop with us and it helps you when paying Securely and Conveniently online.

The benefit to us is we will see you as a returning customer and a client of our shop which establishes that personal touch that we like to have with our clients and you will get a very personal service as a returning customer.


Do Partner Antiques do Layaway?

Yes we have a very comprehensive layaway plan for our clients. Many of our clients buy all their antiques using layaway.

Here are the terms.

Layaway Plan Duration: 2, 3, 4 months

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Down Payment or Deposit Required: 20% of Fixed Price of Item.

Returns Are Accepted.

Restocking Fee: If returned there will be a restocking fee.

Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fee at any time during the term will be 10% of the fixed price value. You will receive what you have paid less the cancellation fee as a refund.


How do I know if an item is genuine and accurately represented?

Partner Antiques’ internet reputation depends on the accuracy of our descriptions and of our pictures. Our reputation on this site is at stake as well as our hard earned reputation on Ruby Lane, on EBay and on Etsy. You can rest assured therefore that our items are genuine and accurately represented. You can also browse in our Testimonials section to see what our customers say about us.

We have all felt the frustration of buying an item on the Internet and by the time you receive it, the pictures and description are no longer on the Internet and you have nothing to check your item against. At Partner Antiques we are proud of what we sell and confident that our description and our pictures are accurate and so we leave them online, in the Recently Sold Section, until well after you receive them so you can check what you receive against our description and pictures.

Partner Antiques has had a shop on Ruby Lane for six years. Every Ruby Lane shop is pre-screened by an in-house team of seasoned art and antiques professionals, and must meet specific quality and professionalism standards before opening for business. This means more security for you. Partner Antiques still has a shop on Ruby Lane and is a flag bearer of Ruby Lane’s world class service standards.


Why do I not see the prices of items in recently sold section?

Once an item is sold, buyers do not want the price shown. Partner Antiques respects the confidentiality of our transactions with our customers.


How do I find out about shipping?

All our shipping information is given in detail in our Guarantee of Service section.


I have a question about an item listed on your site?

Just click on the support flag on the left margin of this page or any page. You can then choose which way you want to communicate with us. We will always reply within 4 hours but in most cases we will reply immediately.


Can I be sure the item will be securely packed?

We have many testimonials to the excellence of our packing. The absolute quality of our packing is one of our unique selling points and a primary reason why you will buy from Partner Antiques. We double box for most items that means that we wrap the item in soft paper and then bubble wrap before putting it in a box. We bubble wrap that box and place it in a bigger box. If the outside box gets damaged, your item is secure within the inner box. Customers love it and they love the suspense of opening all those layers.

Smart Tip: Always open your parcel on the floor preferably on a carpet or a soft rug because things can roll or fall from a table.


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