Certified Trusted Site

You can trust my site because Partner Antiques is a secure site with an SSL certificate.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption on the Internet and for helping web site users confirm the owner of the web site.


This certificate enables your computer browser retrieve our SSL certificate and check that it is not expired and that it has been issued after diligent protocol checks by a Certificate Authority and that it is being used by the website that it was issued for. The Certificate Authority that issued the SSL certificate for my site is RapidSSL which is one of the leading Certificate Authorities on the internet.


You will know that my site is secure because the beginning of the web address changes from http:// to https:// when you go to checkout or are inputting your email for registration or signing up for a newsletter. A padlock on the browser window changes from open to closed.


The Trust Mark from RapidSSL is visible on all pages confirming that this is a secure site where you can safely do business.


I hope this information is helpful and enables you shop knowing you are on a secure site.




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