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  • Most expensive antiques finds on Antiques Roadshow

    most expensive antiques

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  • Top 12 World's Rarest Antiques

    Top 12 World's Rarest Antiques

    1. Large 1871 Pietra Dura Jewelry Casket Box by Howell James & Co Regent Street London
    2. Antique French 19C Sevres Porcelain and Bronze Chamber Candlestick with Snake Handle
    3. A 19c French Silver and Mother of Pearl Pendant Crucifix Cross 3 inches by 1 3/4 inches
    4. Paris Porcelain 1870's French Oval Jewelry Casket Box with Bronze Mounts
    5. A Seasonal Palais Royal 1860 French Fawn Reindeer and Putto Cherub Scent Cart with Enamel and Gold Gilt Scent Bottle
    6. 1810 Jewelry Box Jar Ormolu Crystal Glass Eagles and Griffins
    7. Napoleon III Enamel French Jewelry Box Silk Lined All Original
    8. 1870 French Crackle Ice Glass Jewelry Stand and Dressing Table Accessory for Chains Watch Rings Trinkets
    9. Antique 1900 Pendant Cross Garnets Marcasite Sterling Silver Marked
    10. 1906 Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Porcelain Heart Scent Bottle
    11. Russian Lacquer Box Kholui Village Trinket Rings Jewelry
    12. Vintage Silver Purse Pendant with Turquoise and Marcasite Stones
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    East State Antique Mall
    Antique mall and consignment store in Rockford, IL with over 85 dealers featuring jewelry, primitives, folk art, sterling, silver plate, and much more! Interest-free layaway available.

    UK antiques Directory

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  • Antiques Roadshow Memories

    Antiques Roadshow Memories

    I remember it well, I was very young and sitting in front of the TV wondering why I could not change the channel from this fuddy-duddy show that my Mum watched religiously each week. I had no interest in antiques and I was just plain bored with antique silver, antique paintings,  French antiques and porcelain. Oh yes porcelain, every other piece was a plate or a pot and that man Arthur Negus seemed to delight in torturing me.  Then one day a woman brought on her father’s collection of antique toy trains. They were all set up whizzing around the track and making train sounds and I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

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  • Discovering The Watch and Jewellery Stands

    The Watch and  Jewellery Stand

    Time, or should I say accurate time, was of little significance to most people in the early nineteenth century. It was satisfactory to know within an hour or so what time it was. The sunrise and sunset dictated the time and the available daylight was also important when lamp oil was expensive. The arrival of the railways changed all that. People started to move around a lot more and they needed to know the accurate time so that they could be on time for the train. Now almost every grown man had a pocket watch and most women a fob watch on a chain or on a ribbon on their lapel. These were delicate timepieces and they needed to be taken care of especially when they were not wearing them. This was especially true when the watches were set aside at night.


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  • Introduction to The Lorgnette by Patrick G. Burke

    The Lorgnette

    Lorgnette is a French term used in the 17th century to describe a spyglass. Later in the 19th and 20th century it came to mean a pair of eye glasses that folded into a handle. The handle allowed the user hold the pair of lenses before the eyes. Amazingly the French word lorgnette was used to describe these spectacles everywhere but in France. In France they were termed face-a-main.  Even more amazing is that they had a French name although they were invented by an Englishman. Continue reading

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